Race Teams

The Alta Alpina Race team includes Masters, Juniors, Seniors, Women, Road,
Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Downhill and other racing events. It is an opportunity
to attend races as a team and get extra benefits for the extra efforts you put in for
training and helping out at other Alta Alpina Racing Events.

Check out the Guidelines for the benefits and commitments of being part of the race team.


If any of you travel and/or lodge 3 or more together to a race, I reserve the right to designate that race for you and your teammates if you have not been able to race the designated race that month.

I want to re-iterate that I expect EVERYONE who is on the race team to make efforts to travel to races together or lodge, or at least communicate who all is going. I prefer you use the ride board for your plans. We are getting into the spring season, and many are already racing... in February!

Train and Race Hard!

Race Team Policies