Alta Alpina Challenge

Alta Alpina Challenge 2017 Cancelled Due to Winter Storm Damage

Here in Alta Alpina territory the snow is slowly starting to recede, creeks and streams are swollen with melt water, and we're finally getting back on our bikes. The Sierra really needed these winter storms but they've had a tremendous impact on our infrastructure.

The key roads making up the the 8 passes of the Alta Alpina Challenge routes have been hammered. Kingsbury has been closed twice due to mud slides and sinkholes. Highway 88 has been damaged by snow plows and avalanches. Blue Lakes Rd. is unlikely to be free of snow until some time in July. Last but not least, Caltrans may not be able to open Ebbetts by the end of June. Reports indicate that many bridges have been damaged, the roadbase may be washed away in places, and the road surface is likely to be in very bad shape whenever the road is finally cleared.

Based on the feedback we received after the fire in 2015, we know that fans of the Alta Alpina Challenge don't want us to look at alternate routes--they want their favorite passes and that is what our unique format is all about. For this reason, we've concluded that it is unlikely we can deliver the experience that our participants expect in 2017 and that we should cancel the event now so that people can make alternate plans.

We'll be refunding registration fees for everyone who is already registered and we hope to see you all on June 30, 2018.

Thank you for all your support,

Michael Bayer
Alta Alpina Challenge: Riding the Wild Sierra
Ride Director

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